Little things

It’s amazing how exciting the littlest things are right now. I just got space bags! Ahh! I’m going to Uganda!! I just hemmed a dress. Ahhhh!!! I’m going to Uganda!!!! I just ordered extra camera batteries!!! Is this real life??

I was thinking about this, and it struck me that, while it’s great to be excited about going to Uganda, maybe I should be a little more excited about life in general. My life has been incredibly blessed, and it couldn’t hurt to take more notice of the little things. Things like chocolate, and that God in His goodness gave us taste buds so we could appreciate chocolate. Or that the rain falling outside right now makes the day seem dreary, but it’s part of a complicated cycle of nourishment, and will bring life to many living things. Or that my little brother’s eyes are a deeper blue than I’ve ever seen on anyone else, and his feet are almost as big as mine, which means he soon won’t be my little brother any more.

Life can be exciting every day! 🙂


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