Beautiful things

I have yet to run into any cockroaches of unusual size. I have, however, encountered many things more pleasant to observe:

These pictures do not do justice to all the color everywhere. The greens are so lush, the earth so red. When Kelly and I walked to a nearby coffee shop this morning, there were flowers all along the steep drive to the house: blue and red and orange and yellow, from vines and trees and bushes on either side. And on the roads this perpetuates, with the landscape’s hues reflected in the Ugandans’ clothing, like a joyous storm of color.

And lest you forget that you are in the tropics, there are fruit trees everywhere. Everywhere. From my window, I can see bananas and mangoes and papayas, and–of course–palms.

The people are the most beautiful, though. This afternoon, we went to a nearby baby center, where we spent a couple hours holding and loving precious children. It was a bittersweet experience; one little boy, Daniel, would simply lay his head on my shoulder and cling to my arm.

This boy seems serious in this photo, but an instant afterwards he broke into a huge smile. He knew what to do for a camera!

Spending time with these children was not an easy, feel-good couple of hours. It was a good reminder, though, that sharing Christ’s immense gift of love can be as simple as holding a baby, letting him tug at your fingers, tickling him to make him laugh, reading a book to him as others crowd about on the couch. Surely this is the least we can do for some of the least of these.


5 thoughts on “Beautiful things

  1. Anna – beautiful photos. It is hard to scroll away from the boy’s eyes…it really feels like he is looking at us. The detail on the butterfly is eye-catching. – Mom & Dad.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful Anna! Uganda sounds so much more lush than Kenya (at least the part that I’m in). Excited to see more 🙂

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