Funny Friday

Quote of the day: “Americans … I don’t know how God made them!”

Rachel and I were talking with the cook at Heritage International School about how wonderful our dinner of goat and rice had been, and he began to talk about how it was difficult to feed children, since they tend to be pickier eaters. He then commented that adults of different nationalities also tend to be picky; Asians know that Asian food is indisputably the best, while Africans are often leery simply because they don’t know what something is. Americans however, he marveled, would eat anything! And not only that, but they would make their children eat it as well! So strange.

We suggested that perhaps it is because we Americans don’t have many ethnic foods of our own, excepting maybe hot dogs and fries.

On a side note, I think I will begin to call candy “sweeties,” like they do here. Then, whenever I offer candy to a friend, I can say, “Would you like a sweetie, sweetie?”


One thought on “Funny Friday

  1. LOL. Missionaries from the USA are a small subset of Americans. They tend to go into the field with a commitment to “if it is on the plate, I’ll eat it mentality”. I have traveled with many American business men who have turned up their noses at such opportunities like paella at a 4-star fish restaurant on the harbor in Barcelona or Indian food in England. They usually ask if they can get a steak or a hamburger. Some of them were brave enough to ask for a sausage, though the texture was much different than a hotdog. Even a lot of short-term (one or two week trip) missionaries have problems eating what is on the plate.

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