Side by side

Things I appreciate about the States — a.k.a. things I will find gloriously amazing when I return — in no particular order:

1) TRESemmé hair products

2) Genuine oreos

3) Air conditioning EVERYWHERE

4) Beds without mosquito nets

5) Nights without lake flies small enough to slip through mosquito nets and whine eternally in the ears

6) Lines in the road that actually have meaning

7) Running water. On the island, children usually collect water a few times daily from the lake:


Things I appreciate about Uganda — a.k.a. things I will miss incredibly when I leave tomorrow at 9:10 a.m.:

1) Pineapple and mango. They’re heavenly here.

2) Riding boda-bodas

3) Krest Bitter Lemon soda

4) Relaxing on bags of maize during the 3 hour boat taxi ride to the island

5) Lake Victoria

6) Color everywhere

7) The incredible nighttime skies over Buvuma Island

8) Waking up every morning on the island to a hot rolex (chapatti and eggs) and fresh chai (yes, with milk fresh from the cow):

9) Zaina:

10) Aisa, and her friends in Primary Two:

11) Junior (son of Godfrey and Kristine):

12) And all the others:

The last two months have been thrilling, sometimes heartbreaking, invigorating, exhausting, uncomfortable, and beautiful, so beautiful all the while. Like it or not, Uganda has clambered unbidden right into my heart, and it is with a sad heart that I’ll be leaving in the morning, to spend three weeks in London before returning to the States. I’m looking forward to oreos and water pressure, but I’m sure going to miss the breezes on Lake Victoria. God has been good. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Side by side

  1. Anna-
    I am so glad that you were able to go on this amazing journey. I cannot wait to see your finished product. Your photography and writing for the blog is awesome! So proud!

  2. Love this post…it’s so odd to learn to love two worlds. So beautiful, painful, REAL! We were made for another world, Anna…thanks for coming!

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