The Road Goes Ever On

One of the strangest things when I first got off the plane in Chicago this August was listening to the people speaking around me and realizing how few of the voices had foreign accents. It took a while to adjust back to life on American soil. After spending two months in Africa and then another three weeks at the London Olympics, going to class and working a couple different jobs wasn’t all that exciting.

But life goes on. I’m about to start the second semester of my senior year at Asbury University, and time is moving rapidly towards May, when I’ll finish my undergraduate degree. And what I have realized is that, though life as usual can seem painfully mundane, my summer overseas was so much more than just an exciting adventure. While I didn’t come away with any divinely powerful confirmation of a definite path, I felt that I saw the door open wide for new possibilities, with the knowledge that the future holds many good things as I pursue God’s will.

In the same way, every day life here is so much more than routine tasks. As I complete my degree, this is a time to gather resources, nourish relationships and pursue the good opportunities that arise.

All this to say: stepping off the plane was not the end of the adventure. Come September, I’ll be traveling to Albania with my best friend, Abby LeCompte, to live for nine months with our dear friends Nathan and Cydil Waggoner and their two young children.

This is Albania:


Over the next several months, Abby and I will be raising funds to cover our travel, living and ministry expenses. As the adventure continues, I’ll keep you posted here!

In the meantime – Albania is home to some lovely sights. Let me give you a little taste:






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