Round Two

The sun is warming the streets, and I am sipping my first Albanian espresso since May, so life is looking pretty good right now!

There is a police officer on the corner who is actually writing tickets for illegally parked cars. I feel like I’ve spotted some rare exotic bird – this is an unusual sight!

Speaking of unusual, I woke last night to hear a rustling in the hedge a few feet outside my window. At first I thought it was a cat, then maybe a larger than usual cat, and then I actually became alert enough to investigate. Through my curtain, I watched as a man jumped up, grabbed at branches near the top of the hedge, and tore them off.

Keep in mind: this hedge is not public property. There is also a fence separating my apartment plot and the hedge from the end of the alley.

I watched, trying to remember how to tell someone to get away–and trying to decide whether I wanted to advertise my presence! A minute later, he stopped suddenly and started gathering his greenery into a bundle. He was making a broom!

After that, I felt like I’d been properly welcomed to Albania, and slept in peace.

After wearing sweaters last week in Kentucky, it’s a little strange to be experiencing hot August sunshine here. Next on the agenda: enjoy some gelato!


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